Thursday, 30 September 2010

Caprese Salad

  I've always loved tomato and mozzarella together and thought about making a salad with just these two ingredients. I've only recently discovered the "caprese salad" from Closet Cooking. Well, this is my take on the caprese salad. What i love about this salad is how fresh it tastes and also looks. Presentation goes along way these days, and I'm really into making dishes look and taste wonderful and exciting. On closet cooking's site i wanted to recreate the dish and make it my personal way. I simply used a cooking ring to stack the salad. I chopped up some sweet cherry tomatoes and finely diced some mozzarella too. I then put the tomatoes in first, then some of the mozzarella and then another layer of mozzarella on top. I seasoned with a pinch of salt and pepper.

The sauce is simply basil infused olive oil. You can find this oil at any large supermarket. You can also easily make it yourself by chopping some fresh basil leaves up and putting them into a bottle of olive oil overnight. You can then strain the basil with a strainer. It was a very tasty treat and i look forward to making it again. Something that would go well with this salad would be some ciabatta bread drizzled with the basil infused olive oil - Mmmmm! Yummy!

Main Ingredients:

    * Cherry Tomatoes (Diced)
    * Mozzarella (Diced)
    * Olive Oil (Basil Infused works best)
    * Basil Leaf (for presentation)


    * Salt & Pepper (To taste)
    * Ciabatta Bread 

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